Time to Reupholster, Replace or get an Upholstery Cleaning

When is it Time to Reupholster my Furniture?

Reupholster vs. Replacement vs. Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have an heirloom piece of furniture passed down from generations or a sofa that you’ve had from college you can’t let go of, your furniture needs more attention than you’re giving it. And if you haven’t been properly cleaning and protecting your furniture, there’s going to be a point when you ask yourself if it would be better to replace the furniture altogether. Before you decide to throw away that sofa or reupholster your mom’s chair from 1975, consider the following. Maybe you’ll decide an upholstery cleaning is what you’re looking for instead.

Reupholster your Furniture

Let’s put it this way, reupholstering is the most expensive thing you can do when it comes to your furniture. Is it a bad idea? No. If you have furniture in your home that has lasted 15-20 years already, it will most likely continue to hold up. Solid wood and coil springs are usually a sign of well-made furniture. If you put your hand on the cushions and press down and it feels like coil springs and not stuffing, you may have a piece of furniture worth reupholstering. But most furniture that is made these days doesn’t have the best manufacturing.

Have your Furniture Professionally Cleaned

upholstery cleaning

That beautiful statement chair that’s been passed on for generations as a family heirloom is sitting in your living room. It’s been sitting in your living room and living rooms before that for many years. It’s the most eye-grabbing piece of furniture in your home, and it probably has dust on it from the beginning of its life. In fact, it probably has a lot more than that on it if you’ve never had a professionally cleaned.

In this situation, you have options. You can either reupholster the chair, and get rid of all of the histories that came with it, or you could take the steps to have an upholstery cleaning done. When you’re talking about a piece of furniture that is older than you are, the first step should always be to have a professional like JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care help you out and assess the piece. An expert will have the know-how needed to give your furniture the upholstery cleaning it needs without ruining or tarnishing the furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning West LA

If you’re looking for a professional to help you with your upholstery cleaning in West LA, look no further. At JP Carpet we have the experience, the knowledge, and the process to not only clean but maintain your upholstery. We can help you keep your furniture cleaned and protected so you don’t have to replace it. Contact us today and let us take care of your upholstery cleaning in West LA.