Tile and Grout Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Tile and Grout in Your Home

Have you ever cleaned your whole home only to get stuck when you get to those stains in the tile and grout? Those annoying stains have been accumulating over time and are now at a point where you’re going to have to put in some extra elbow grease in order to get them out if you’re able to at all. But maybe the way you’ve been cleaning the tile and grout has been affecting the sealant or finish on the surface. Here are some insights that might shed some light on how you can better maintain the tile and grout in your home.

Characteristics of Tile and Grout

In order to properly maintain the tile and grout in your home, you first need to understand the characteristics of the tile itself. There are many different types of tile from Saltillo to ceramic. The type of tile you have is going to dictate what you have to do to maintain it. For example, tiles like glazed ceramic tiles have an extra layer of sealant on them in order to protect them from moisture and staining. It’s common to see glazed ceramic tiles in areas like the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. But when it comes to Saltillo tile or any of the more porous tiles, it has to be sealed regularly to protect against stains and moisture. If you don’t properly seal these types of tiles, they get can get dirty and scuffed very quickly.

No matter what type of tile you have in your home, all grout is susceptible to stains and needs to be resealed. Depending on the location of the tile and grout in your home, you may need to seal it as frequently as annually. If you need help determining if your tile and grout need to be resealed, JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care can assess your current situation and suggest a course of action should your tile and grout need some extra TLC.

Tips to Maintain Tile and Grout


  • Use the right cleaner on your tile. Make sure you use soapless detergent in warm water.
  • If you do use a cleaner, make sure its neutral meaning non-acidic and non-alkaline.
  • Sweep your floors first to remove initial layers or dirt and dust before using any kind of damp mop on your floors.
  • Use a microfiber or soft mop to clean your floors. Microfiber is a great material to use due to its antibacterial properties.
  • Use a soft grout brush if you are trying to remove stains from grout.


  • Use soap. Using soap on your tile and grout leaves a film on the surface and promotes the growth of bacteria and mildew.
  • Use an acidic cleaner, bleach or vinegar. The acidity eats away at the tile and grout and can dull the finish of the tile. This will cause the grout to become stained at a much faster rate than if you were to clean it with a neutral cleaner.
  • Use steel wool pads or an abrasive brush on tile or grout. The loose particles from the steel can actually cause rust in the grout lines.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Beverly Hills

Maintaining the tile and grout in your home can be a challenge. From pets to people, the tile in your home is probably getting some foot traffic. If you need a tile and grout cleaning in Beverly Hills, JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care would love to help you. Our experts have been dealing with tile and grout for more than 10 years. Not only that, but our cleaning solutions are 100% eco-friendly. Whether you need help cleaning tile and grout or need to reseal and refinish it all together, we’re ready to take on the tile and grout in your Beverly Hills home. Contact us today to schedule a free assessment.